SFTY is a player in the Internet-of-things arena, with their online smoke detector, motion alarm sensors and temperature and relative humidity sensors for home surveillance systems. All of their hardware connects to a local Wi-Fi in the homes they are installed in, and communicates via the backend and frontend Apps that Pixelware has developed for sfty. Also included a Help me and Follow me functionality for further security to the SFTY user. All of which have been designed and developed by the Pixelware team. Smartsensors developed by Wice.

Today SFTY is one of the 100 global partners on Samsung’s SAMI cloud solution and was introduced and presented as such in California earlier this year, when the SAMI cloud was launched. They were one of 10 companies that presented their solution live at Samsung’s launch party in San Francisco in November 2014.

sfty Sense & Rebecca from sfty on Vimeo. This is the story how SFTY helped Rebecca Connected. Safer. Smarter.
Type of work:

Business Development support, product-
development, mobile apps, Internet-of -things, Development of backend and frontend server


Sfty Apps, Follow me, Help Me and Home. Backend for scalability of users.


Ruby on rails, Android Application Framework,
X-code, HTML5, XML, My SQL database, AWS, Electric IMP api system integration. Social media integration og SMPP