Santander has been using Pixel Zoo for design tasks, marketing advisory, product management, web system prototyping, and full product development since 2008.


Pixelware have had a team of 9 working with Santander on various projects since 2008. We have used designers, consultants and developers to deliver on tight deadlines and with the high level of ethics demanded by a world-renowned bank.


For Santander, Pixelware has been delivering digital marketing material and campaigns since 2008. Pixelware have been working with development of banner ads, landing pages and interactive advisory in conjunction with the Santander marketing department.

In addition, Pixelware has also developed apps, digital Christmas calendars and other marketing related applications.

An example of recent work includes: Santander Credit cards Norway.

Type of work:

Product Development, web pages
mobile apps (iOS and Android)


Campaign landing pages, banners, and commercial interactive solutions-advisory


Microsoft Platform, C#, MS SQL,
MS Index Server, Flex framework, Actionscript, HTML, iOS, Android, JS/Jason