Do you have the right people, tools and
resources to successfully execute your digital project?

I need to test and validate my digital idea in order to avoid unnecessary expenditures and missteps.


I need an expert review concerning requirements definition and solution evaluation, and an on-demand design & developer team who delivers on time and maximise performance value.


I need to plan and execute a product roll-out in a rapidly changing media landscape, and protect our digital product against security threats.

How do you protect yourself from attacks?

Implement the three A´s of IT security:

1. Authenticate and identify the incoming requests

2. Authorize the request based on identity and grant or deny access

3. Accounting keeps a systematic record of all requests

It is also important to keep up to date with the various authentication-, encryption- and storage schemes. Your security is only as strong as your weakest link.

Why do IoT matter to me?

IoT technology will bring you competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment. Develop more efficient and accurate business systems combined with valuable data and insight to increase performance and discover opportunities.

What data should be sent to user?

Be selective when sending data which is exposed to the client. Do not reveal your encryption scheme, database layout or authorization criteria. Filter out the details that are inconsequential to the functionality of what is displayed. Modularize your application programming interface so that one requests does as little as possible while still being useful.

Is there a need for machine learning?

Yes. A massive amount of data needs proper handling. Computers detects patterns and trends, do projections and qualify information. Teach the computer your problem, not your solution. It will adapt as your data change.

"Great leaders surround themselves with trusted advisors
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Kristian Sjøvold
Managing Partner / CEO
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