Food regulations are complex, with mistakes resulting in costly fines or business closure. Sensee simplifies reporting, compliance and analysis, with complete historical & real time data reports.

Together with Sensee, Pixels & Bytes has developed a system which automatically monitors temperature in real-time, records data to the cloud and displays it in the user dashboard. This eliminates manual, error-prone processes which in turn improves the productivity of the employees and gives managers control over food safety.

Combining advanced sensor technology with powerful data analytics ensures reduced costs and improves the effectiveness of the overall process significantly.

Sensee is a Microsoft-backed company and has received their stamp of approval and the solution will be offered to their Fortune 5000 clients.

What do we deliver?

  • Microservices for IoT hardware devices
  • Firmware
  • TI Simplelink
  • Data capture and analytics tools
  • Identity service
  • Account service
  • Device service
  • Notifications service
  • Report service
  • Azure services: Device Provisioning Services, IoT Hub, Event Hub, Search, Redis, Service bus, Blob Storage, AVG (trigger function)

“Sensee’s ground-breaking solution for turnkey IoT temperature control addresses our customer pain points and solves real-world problems in the food & hospitality sectors. There is substantial demand for Sensee’s solutions and we look forward to co-selling with them in the future.”

Warwick Hill,
Microsoft Senior MD